Z-system is a new ventilated façade system.

Its main competitive advantage compared to other systems is the optimization of both the auxiliar assembly materials and the times of placement.

The innovation consists in the fold of the edge of the tray, Z-shaped, which allows the direct screwing of the panel to the supporting profile. In this way, the cost of auxiliar materials such as staples, bolts or transversal profiles is eliminated.

The main supporting profile doesn´t need an specific shape, nevertheless a tubular profile with the most effective relation between inertia/weight can be chosen, decreasing the cost.

The direct screwing, instead of that made with auxiliar elements, requires a much smaller time of placement than other systems, and wipes out the possibility of placing mistakes due to indirect measures.

The fold of the corners eliminates the need of angulars to reinforce the trays, which provokes a saving not only in the auxiliar material, but in the workforce too. 

Intermediate reinforcements are not needed either, since the system allows the screwing of the tray in the upper and lower parts for the intermediate transoms.

The trays are not overlapped in the horizontal joint, so if a panel is damaged while assembling the façade (or during the building life), its replacement is really easy, avoiding to dismount the vertical column which it belongs.

All this time saving results in the saving of costs of scaffolding and elevation systems.

Definitively, the most optimized ventilated façade system of the market.