The innovative section of the edge of the panel allows the pollution accumulated in the horizontal joint to be washed away by the rain water, and its taken to the border edge of the tray. In this way, the dirt is always directed out of the building through hidden places of the façade.

This makes Z-system the cleanest façade in the market, which reduces the maintenance cost during the building life and keeps its aesthetic from the first day on.

SAVING of costs

Its main competitive advantage compared to other systems is the optimization of both the auxiliar assembly materials and the times of placement.

All this time saving results in the saving of costs of scaffolding and elevation systems.

Definitively, the most optimized ventilated façade system of the market.

FREEDOM in design

The direct screwing of the trays allows the designer infinite possibilities in the trays disposal.

Z-system allows, without increasing the cost, any kind of apparel design (orthogonal, paralell, diagonal…), since every tray is independent from each other.

Ventilated façades are the most effective alternative to achieve the maximun energetic saving of the buildings.

RESTORATION of façades

Your best choice for restoration of fronts, we help you with all necessary to the neighbors’ Communities, as well as to owners of non-residential buildings, to carry out the wished work, from the project up to the execution, as well as the rest of necessary negotiations (licenses, permissions, safety and health). Our clients amortize the expense of the work in a few years thanks to the energetic saving obtained.



- Ventilated façade for new buildings
- Ventilated façade for works of rehabilitation
- Interior wall coating
- False ceilings


Z-system is the best option for our next building. Best of all will be its advantages minimizing dirt over the façade, because it will accuse much less the passage of time. In addition the price is really competitive compared to other ventilated façade systems, not only for the material, but also time of placement.

- Klaus König, Arquitect